RISC Os 5 sprites

When RISC OS 5 was produced for the 32bit Iyonix computer the sprites used on the desktop were completely re-designed by Richard Hallas. The use of applications written for earlier versions of the RISC OS operating system often look very out of place on the Iyonix compared with the 256 colour sprites used in RISC OS 5.

As a result of this mis-match I have produced some new sprites for some well known applications. These are offered here as updates to the applications in question in the form of dummy applications containing modified Sprite !Boot and !Run files. At present these alternative sprites are not supported by the developers of the original applications so are offered 'as is' and without support.

JavaScript SpriteDownload JavaScript File Sprite
MiscSetup SpriteDefault sprites for use in Paul Vigay's MiscSetup configuration tool.
Download ARMX6, ARMbook, Raspberry Pi, RISCOS Direct and ROOL Cog Taskmanager sprites v. 0.05
InterGIF SpriteDownload !InterGIF Sprite
Draw to WMF spriteDownload !Draw->WMF sprite
WMF to Draw spriteDownload !WMF->Draw sprite
Sprite to PNG spriteDownload !Spr2Png sprite
PNG to Sprite, spriteDownload !Png2Spr sprite
LanMan98 spriteDowload !LanMan98 sprites (complete set), for use in stand-alone mode.
Sprinter spriteDownload !Sprinter sprites
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