Some RISC OS Resources

by Richard Darby

This part of the site is dedicated to resources and utilities developed for computers using the RISC OS operating system.

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New sprites
The sprites used for some existing Applications look out of place with the newly designed sprites used on the RISC OS 5 (Iyonix) desktop. This link takes you to some updated RISC OS 5 sprites sprite icon for existing Applications.

Using !Webserve as a webcache proxy. Webserve icon
The Oregano web browsers, both 1 and 2, lack a web cache so fetch files from the web for every page, including pages just fetched, e.g when using the back arrow. By incorporating !Webserve as a proxy, previously fetched pages are not downloaded but taken from a cache on the hard disk. Click here for instructions on setting up !Webserve as a webproxy.

Printer Definition Files for PostScript Duplex printers Printer definition file icon
This release of the duplex printer definition files combines and supersedes version 2.20 for Brother Printers and version 3.03 for Generic PostScript printers. This version aims to cover PostScript printers from 20 manufacturers. The method of installation is more straighforward than that used in the earlier versions but contains the same functionality as previously. This driver allows duplex (two sided) printing automatically from up to three paper trays and the Manual/Multi-Purpose Tray, flipping on either the long side or the short side.

This duplex driver accommodates both the Acorn PostScript 2 and the new PostScript 3 printer driver available from Martin Würthner's website. Version 1.15 (or later) of the PostScript 3 printer driver (!PS3), now has the coding to operate the feeds in the same way as the PS2 driver. Earlier versions do not have this code so you must upgrade to the latest version to take advantage of this feature.
Click to download PDFs for PostScript duplex printers. Release 4.00   8 June 2018.

Printer Definition File for PCL Duplex printers Printer definition file icon
This Printer Definition File enables duplex printers which don't have PostScript capability to print on one or both sides of the paper from RISC OS, flipped on either the long or the short side. The printer must be able to respond to Printer Command Language (PCL). Until now PCL printers have only been able to print on one side of the paper using the HP Laserjet Printer Definition File. This PDF provides that missing capability..

I have successfully printed in duplex using this PDF with my Brother printers which have PCL emulation in addition to PostScript.

The key to this capability is a new PDumper which is the work of Herbert zur Nedden, developed from PDumperLJ. This was submitted to RISC OS Open Ltd. and accepted into the CVS and has now been incorporated into the nightly builds.
Click to download PDF for PCL duplex printers. Release 1.00   17 June 2018.

Relocating !Pluto Articles Files for easier backup and networking Pluto on different computers. Pluto Dat
The default setup for the mail and news reader !Pluto, is for the data (the Articles Files) to be contained within the application. Jonathan Duddington did make provision for the Articles files to be located elsewhere which makes routine backup of these files easier to organise if they are located in the same directory as your other data.
I have devised a straightforward way of providing an alternative place (a pseudo application) to put the Articles files which once set up, allows the Articles Directory to be moved between the Pluto application and the new location with a simple shift drag and returned again if necessary.
PlutoDat is also a useful way of providing a single location for access of files over the network. All that is required are some changes to the !Run files of the master and slave copies of !Pluto.
Full instructions on how !PlutoDat works and is set up, can be found in the Help file to be found inside the pseudo application. Further instructions and suitable !Run files are also included to allow !Pluto to access the files over a network.
Click here to download !PlutoDat. Release 0.52 12 October 2018.

Instructions on using !HForm
Instructions from the RISC OS 4 upgrade Manual.

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